About Us

The world breezes past time. Days, weeks, years, decades, and centuries pass out like a speeding car vanishes on the highway. Progress is infinite, and to catch up with the momentum of development, humanity needs a helping hand. At DX Robotics, we provide you just that - AI ad AR-backed automation technologies that propel growth.

Industries that create, shape, and develop our lives, depend on robots and automation to get things done. From Amazon’s high-tech projects that envision a future where robots will deliver packages, to the robotic arms in the conveyor belts of millions of factories, they’re the backbone of numerous industries.

Our range of robotic technology services span across multiple industries and specializations. Mobile robotic systems, Augmented Reality-based solutions, Ariel robotic systems, Virtual reality-based solutions, Industrial robotic systems, and the Mechatronic system, we’ve got you covered. 

Today, almost all the industries are gradually tapping into AI and automation to match the momentum of peer industries. At our agency, we’ve got some of the major markets covered, with technology-backed software solutions—Healthcare, retail, industrial, public, education, tourism, to name a few.

How can our service help you?

Advanced robotics not only improves the quality of the output of a concerned domain, but it also makes it faster and better. Harnessing automation is a catalyst to efficient cost-cutting, without messing with quality.

Our RPA or Robotic Process Automation enables repetitive human jobs to be replaced by automation. Meaning, the same structured transitions are no longer manual labour reliant. Furthermore, it can help you with:

  • Scaling-up operations with rapid processing
  • Allocating most complex data efficiently
  • Calculating data in unimaginable speeds
  • Efficiently managing multiple application and keep everything in sync
  • Churn out quality human skills, leaving the repetitive tasks to automation