The Power to Change
The Way You Work


Mobile Robotic Systems Development

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented reality- backed solutions to power your company’s mobile robotics. Your humanoid robots can now perform with a customizable set of capacities like speech and face, automated mapping, navigation, and so on.

Aerial Robotic Systems Development

Drones readily available in the markets don’t come with the capabilities that you might need. With our software solutions, invoke new life into your ariel robotics.

Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions

Deliver awe-inspiring software solutions for the most advanced and preferred AR platforms like Samsung VR, Google Cardboard, Occult Rift VR, and so on. This includes gamification, 3D modelling, animation, among others.

Industrial Robotic Systems Development

Allow your human resources to focus on the more thought intensive processes, while Industrial robots handle repetitive tasks like welding, assembling, painting and so on.

Mechatronic Systems Development

Intricate moving mechanisms get a renewed motion with the artfully done development. Viewers will gawk agape at your systems.

Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions

All the AR-related needs - 3D modelling, spatial audio, UI, UX development - plus more, under one roof.

About Us

The world breezes past time. Days, weeks, years, decades, and centuries pass out like a speeding car vanishes on the highway. Progress is infinite, and to catch up with the momentum of development, humanity needs a helping hand. At DX Robotics, we provide you just that - AI ad AR-backed automation technologies that propel growth.


Our Values

At DX Robotics, we encourage fostering a technology that helps your business propel to the next level of growth, harnessing AI, and automation. To help you with the most updated standards of robotic technologies that enhance your work-imprint. To deliver cutting-edge automation solutions that stimulate electrifying output. 

Humans have emotions. But robots don’t. This makes them resilient to a different factor otherwise humans are vulnerable, like a decreased output from redundancy, loss of accuracy, vulnerability to errors, and fading consistency, everything with time.

DX Robotics, a part of DX Business Group, is the envisioned solution for your business to make it more advanced, more efficient, fast, and useful. We’re result-oriented, our satisfaction lies in the client’s success.

Client satisfaction is of primary importance to us, that we ensure through our expertly-rendered service through whatever we offer.



Enhance shopping experience with the seamless merging of the physical and digital with different automation applicable for your business.


Propell better outputs and nurture a more efficient human resource when robotics takes care of the complicated repetitive tasks.


Maximize treatment delivery. Minimize patient-doctor contacts, for the advanced healthcare systems.


Introduce digitized public service and see the next level of efficiency.


Are your guests at the reception with a robot greeting hello. Or make robots serve tea to them, even more amusing.


Introduce the budding minds with the future of automation. Robotics for education is here to affirm the knowledge-based community.